Audi Ag has halted development of its A2 electric car and the A1 e-tron plug-in hybrid, Car Magazine reports, citing concerns over the model’s projected €40,000 price tag (A2).

The A2 extremely small, and a struggling European economy would make it hard to convince buyers to spend €40,000 on an electric car that is less than 13 feet long. True.

Even the A1, with its range-extender Wankel engine, is thought to be too long on price and too short on margins as car makers finally start to realise that car buyers don’t want their EV toys with big price tags and useless range.

The A1 e-tron had a host of advanced features, including braking-by-wire, an electric climate-control system, and of course the hybrid arrangement that could provide a top speed of 80 mph and an overall average of 124 mpg.

While it is putting its electric city cars on ice, Audi is steaming ahead with development of its first electric production car, the Audi R8 e-tron sports car.
Captured in spy photographs in April, the R8 e-tron appears close to production-ready, and is expected to go on sale in limited numbers as early as next year.


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