Collecting 40.3 percent of the votes cast, Audi has won the “Auto Zeitung” image report for the sixth time in a row, thereby extending its lead over its competitors further still. 20,088 readers of the specialist magazine voted on 50 auto brands on the basis of 20 different evaluation criteria. In seven categories alone Audi leads the ranking, coming second in an additional six.

In answer to the question “Which brand makes progressive cars?” 58.7 percent of readers voted for the brand with the four rings – meaning first place in this section by a long distance. Audi also took the checkered flag in the categories “Which brand makes very reliable cars?“ (51.0 percent), “Which brand makes wellfinished cars?“ (63.8 percent), “Which brand makes particularly attractive cars?“ (45.8 percent), “Which brand is particularly appealing?“ (40.8 percent), “Which brand is successful in motor racing?“ (49.5 percent), and “Which brand has good advertising” (36.8 percent).

In other central questions, for example as to particularly safe cars, high resale value, and the quality of garages and dealers, Audi in each case took second place.


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