Audi’s Long Distance Lounge is the Ingolstadt measurement of the future image

The German automaker is looking to stay ahead of the trends – they are preparing the premiere of the new generation A8, coming with a Level 3 autonomous driving function.

But they’re also looking ahead in time – just like BMW (thanks to a partnership with Intel, Mobileye and Delphi), for example, does. CNET has been recently invited to the company’s headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany for a sneak preview of their latest futuristic concept, entitled the Long Distance Lounge. The prototype is a workbench for the brand to gain a possible insight into the future of driverless cars – it’s about the same size as a long-wheelbase A8, but the all-electric model looks decidedly more spacious. This is achieved in part through the use of the unconventional power source, as discarding the ICE and its oily elements usually frees up lots of interior space.

Audi’s Long Distance Lounge is the Ingolstadt measurement of the future 9

The concept is also a driverless car – it has been envisioned right from the start to never rely on a human for the task of driving, instead accommodating the persons inside for longer journeys. This futuristic lounge has a single huge access door, wooden floor and magnetic attachments for the seats ensuring countless arrangement options. Interaction with the vehicle is done through augmented reality technology, smartphone integration, foldable TFT screens (which in a future version will be replaced by OLED tech) – and lots of other technologies. These include cameras and sensors tracking the persons inside to know on which screen to show the requested information.