According to a recent study, petrol-powered vehicles are predicted to still dominate the Australian car market in 2030.

Authorities around the world are speeding up their efforts in promoting green cars on the back of growing concerns of carbon emissions and their impact on the environment. Electric cars are seen to take over the automotive markets in the near future, but some regions are not quite so keen to give up on their classic-powered cars just yet. A study made by the Queensland University of Technology to project the trends over future mobility in the Asia-Pacific region for the next 15 years showed that petrol would likely continue to be the most popular fuel source in 2030 in Australia with a market share of 34.9 percent, with hybrid vehicles coming in second.

“The big change will be the prevalence of hybrid vehicles, which experts forecast will increase from 3.8 per cent of the market share to 24.2 percent,” Lead researcher Robert Perrons said. “Coming in third place will be battery power, which increases from 0.3 percent of the market in 2016 to 15.9 per cent in 2030.” He also pointed out diesel-powered cars were tipped to cede considerable market share to hybrid and battery-based technologies, dropping to 15.2 percent in 2030.

The study also said the price tag of most vehicles would stay relatively stable to today’s levels among petrol, diesel, and LPG options, but the battery, hybrid, and biofuel vehicles were expected to see a price decrease of between 11 and 25 percent compared to 2016.

Via CarAdvice


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