Australia: Employment in the Country’s Auto Industry Increases image

Although Toyota, Ford and Holden have caused some hustle with the imminent closures, data shows that employment in the auto sector in Australia is actually increasing.

According to industry group Auto Skills Australia, during the 2012/2013 financial year more than 4,000 jobs have been added to the automotive sector. At June 30, 2013,more than 361,000 people have been offered jobs in the auto sector, accounting for the highest jobs’ growth ever in the car and parts wholesaling, repair and maintenance and tyre retailing.

“The employment gains within these sectors have more than offset the losses in the manufacturing and retail sectors, thus resulting in a positive aggregate rise in employment for the whole industry,” Auto Skills said.

Auto Skills Australia added that vehicle manufacturing made up for 13% of the country’s auto industry, and that most of the sector was made up of servicing, repair and sales servicing. A recent survey made for the report showed that 44% of the automotive business is dealing with variable conditions and 15% is facing below average growth. Still, more than 50% of the respondents said that they believe conditions will improve in the following year.

“Those enterprises seeking to remain in the industry will need to have innovation at the core of their business models, along with modern workshop facilities, ongoing investment in staff training and capital equipment, and a keen customer focus and service outlook,” the report said.