Fiat has recently announced a lowered price for the 500 which, on the entry-level Pop, can now be bought from just 14,000 AUD, in Australia.

The Italian based automaker Fiat has announced a dropped price for the 500 model in Australia, where the entry-level Pop can now be bought from just 14,000 AUD. This is a strategy into attracting more customers into the model and it this will become even more successful, considering the fact that Fiat is placing it in a direct competition with the Volkswagen Up!, which starts at 13,990 AUD.

“The launch of an expanded 500 range is the next step in our repositioning program for Fiat vehicles by making the 500 model obtainable for a wider cross section of car buyers, including those entering the new car market for the first time”, said the president and CEO of Fiat Chrysler Group Australia, Veronica Johns.

As a quick reminder, the Fiat 500 is coming in three grades, the Pop, the Sport and the Lounge, and each one is available as a hatchback or a convertible. The model is also coming in the 500 Gucci limited edition. The 500 Pop is getting a 0.9 liter TwinAir engine under its hood.


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