Australia gets its first 2016 Shelby Super Snake image

The Australian market is preparing to welcome the first right hand drive example of the 2016 Shelby Super Snake, a Mustang carrying supercar credentials thanks to the 750 hp under the hood.

The second largest US automaker, Ford, decided not long ago the 50 years anniversary of the pony car need to be remember for the ages to come – and thus instilled changes that make the Mustang seem a wholly different animal altogether now. First off, it has a proper, independent rear suspension and it’s also a global model. That means the right hand drive market will get their own factory conversion models from the get go. So, the tuning world is now able to cater for those markets as well. We can see here the first 2016 Shelby Super Snake, completed Down Under by Mustang Motorsport Official in Australia.

Australia gets its first 2016 Shelby Super Snake 10

High velocity action and lots of burnin’ rubber is guaranteed, since the Shelby supercharged take on the Ford Mustang GT is packing more than 750 hp under the hood. “Are you as excited as we are that the Ford Mustang is now available in RHD for our friends around the world? […] 750+HP still looks and sounds beautiful even when the steering wheel is on the wrong side,” even quipped Shelby American on its Facebook page. We’re now ready to scout the YouTube channels for the inevitable burn out video that should deliver the full credentials of the beast machine.