Australia New Vehicle Sales Reach Record in June image

New vehicle sales in Australia jumped the most in the past 10 months reaching a new record in June.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics new vehicles sales in June increased 4% to 97, 687 units, from 93,927 units in May. Passenger vehicle sales were up 3.7% and SUV sales increased 2.7%. Sales of other vehicles jumped 6.6% , compared with a 4% increase in May, thanks to solid business investment. The sales increase in May after adjusting for seasonal factors was 5.1%, from with a rise of 0.7% in May 2012. From January to May sales increased 4.5% compared with the same period last year.

Reports from the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, released earlier this month, showed that total vehicle sales increased 5.5% in June 2012. During the first six months of the year sales were up 4.7% compared with the same period last year. The best seller in the market for June was Toyota, even if its market share dropped to 18.7%.

Details of the VFACTS report in original terms:
Jun May m/m pct Jun/12 y/y pct
Sales 118,758 96,788 +22.7 112,566 +5.5
Sales by Type: Jun ’13/Jun ’12 Volumes
Change Pct Change
Passenger Vehicles +347 +0.6
Sports Utility +2,631 +8.3
Light Commercial +3,126 +15.3
Heavy Commercial +88 +2.8

Source: Reuters