Australian Auto Industry Asks the Government To Find Solutions for Its Needs image

The Australian Motor Industry Federation considers that the Australian government has to come with comprehensive policy for the entire industry to help the struggling auto industry.

AMIF CEO Richard Dudley said that currently the Australian industry is dealing with a ‘perfect storm’ which affects each sector of the auto industry, which needs to undergo generational change. Richard Dudley asks the government to acknowledge the industry’s challenges and to help the automotive industry by releasing a Green Paper and a White Paper.

Several months ago Ford Australia said it will close its plants in the country in October 2016 and GM Holden announced it will cut 500 jobs due to sluggish demand and the high Australian dollar. AMIF considers that the technological advances, the workforce shortages, as well as the shifting consumer behaviors, all play their roles, all these affect the auto industry.

For example, customers have the possibility to order accessories and parts from other markets, at cheaper prices compared with the domestic ones. Vehicles come fitted with state-of-the-art technology making it difficult for an independent mechanic to keep the pace with the vehicle’s onboard technology.

“A motor mechanic is now part diagnostic technician, part computer engineer, part mathematician, “he said.

Dudley says that the government has to develop a green paper, which will present all the changes, and a white paper, including the government’s solutions to these changes.