VW is facing an investigation by the Australian government due to reports of power loss issues in some of its vehicles.

The investigation is also related to a car accident in which a woman was killed after her VW Golf was hit by a truck two years ago. The Australian media said that the woman’s death might have been caused by sudden acceleration. VW denied those claims, saying that they were incorrect. The government’s probe began several weeks after the German automaker recalled around 91,000 vehicles in Japan due to possible transmission issues which could cause vehicles to speed up or slow down while driving.

Currently the Victoria state coroner analyzes the death of Mellissa Ryan and the decision is due in July. Australia’s Department of Infrastructure and Transport said that it is aware of this case and that it will offer assistance to agencies, including coroners.

“The Department is investigating recent reports of safety concerns with Volkswagen vehicles to establish whether systemic safety issues are involved,” said Australia’s Department of Infrastructure and Transport in a statement.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), which has the authority to order a vehicle recall, did not say if any complains have been lodged against VW, but several drivers have contacted local newspaper and radio stations to report cases of sudden power loss in VW vehicles.

Source: Autonews


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