Australian journalist test drive ends with 2016 Ford Everest all flamed up image

The Australian outback is well known for reaching scorching temperatures but we’re imagining it’s not a usual sight to have a completely new 2016 Ford Everest set ablaze while a local auto journalist was test driving it.

It’s an even more mysterious story since the Everest has been designed and engineered in Australia – meaning the guys at Ford know what they’re up against first hand. During the aforementioned test drive, journalist Peter Barnwell suddenly was confronted by the warning lights appearing all over the instrument panel and not long after the display died and the engine stopped. Then the flames made their appearance as they took over the engine bay, with the fire eventually spreading inside the cabin and towards the rear of the sport utility vehicle. Local firefighters only needed five minutes to respond to the call but the blaze already torched a serious portion of the car and was strong enough the local crews needed a full 20 minutes to quench it.

It has now been reported the torched Everest was sent to Ford Australia’s engineering headquarters for a probe into the cause of the fire following the incident. “They couldn’t put the fire out for ages. Some of the material wouldn’t extinguish. There were explosions and bits of shrapnel firing 50m down the road. I got as far away from the thing as I could,” commented in the aftermath Barnwell. The exact cause of the damage is of course under investigation but it has already sparked speculation surrounding an electrical or engine failure. The Everest has eben engineered based on the Ranger pick-up truck.