Australians and New Zealanders getting Marvel-themed Harley Davidson bikes’ image

We’re not really watching the motorcycle phenomenon but when something like this pops up – we really need to share it for all those nerdy comic book fans out there.

The Marvel universe is one of the largest in the entertainment industry – and the onslaught of cinematic appearances has actually done wonders to further expand it and bring in a new generations of fans. And boy fans over in Australia and New Zealand are in for a treat – with no less than 25 Marvel superhero-themed motorcycles from Harley-Davidson. There are major and even minor characters getting their own bikes – and we’re feeling like Christmas in July all over again. The dealers in the two countries banded together to design the comic-themed bikes, and each has the alter ego of a hero – and sometimes even villains. There’s a catch to the lineup though – the lineup makes some questionable choices. For example crowd-pleasers such as Spider-Man and Captain America each get one bike. But others that are completely unknown – such as Spider Gwen and Groot actually get two bikes.

Australians and New Zealanders getting Marvel-themed Harley Davidson bikes’ 13

Even the Ghost Rider – which is defined by his inextricable link to motorcycles has just one bike in the collection. Go for the full gallery to see them all but of course one of our personal favorites is the Spider-Man bike – thanks to its colorful and fun theme that hearkens back to the character’s lighthearted nature from the ‘70s and early ‘80s and the Captain America: Civil War movie. Mentioning that one should also bring forth the Black Panther couple of bikes, which are also cool.