The high level of competition on the Australian new auto market leads to 99% of Australians paying less for their cars there than they would for the same vehicle overseas.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) claims that the Ford Focus Trend is more than $10.000 better value in Australia than in the U.K. market. The U.K.’s Focus Edge is more expensive than Australia’s Focus Trend which costs $22.290. It also lacks a number of standard features like alloy wheels, cruise control, rear parking sensors and others, also many infotainment features such as the Sync connectivity system. It even has a smaller and less powerful 1.6 litre petrol engine compared to Australia’s 2.0-litre unit.
FCAI has similar data for 13 models, showing that Australian vehicles are indeed cheaper than their U.K. equivalents, the exceptions being some premium models from Range Rover, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. CEO of FCAI, Tony Weber, explained that the comparative data has the purpose to educate the community about cars and where the differences in prices and specifications lie. Weber says that the high level of competition in Australia, with 67 brands selling more than 350 models, is an important factor in the benefit of the consumers.

“In no way is this overly simplistic, this has not been a simplistic exercise at all. What we’ve done is compare apples with apples”, Weber said. He added that “We’re very happy to have the elimination of the luxury car tax in this country, very happy for that. That’s obviously a very big issue for the purchase of a car because the luxury car tax cuts in at a very hefty rate.”

By Gabriela Florea


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