At the Auto China in Beijing, Chrysler is reintroducing its namesake brand, including a concept Chrysler 300C with Chinese designs – the Chrysler 300 Ruyi Design Concept.

The designed for the Chinese market 300 carries the name Ruyi which means “as one wishes” and takes the form of a curved decorative object, like a scepter, that symbolizes prosperity. The US based automaker hope it will bring them luck for the launch of production Chrysler 300C sedan in June.

Outside the special edition Chrysler 300 features a polished ruyi-inspired signature grille with dark chrome throats, bluish steel-grey tinted glass (to be in harmony with the Maximum Steel body color), a ruyi Chinese character badge on the deck lid and a ghosted speed stripe running along the side character lines. The 22-inch alloy wheels with curved spokes are unique to the concept, and feature curved spokes with a dark chrome pockets, and Chrysler’s wing logo on the center cap.

Power for the Chrysler 300 Ruyi comes from a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine. An eight-speed automatic transmission makes the connection between the engine and the back wheels.

Chrysler is the laggard with 10,477 Jeeps sold in the first quarter, but it was up 23% from a year ago. The automaker is using the Beijing show to reintroduce Chrysler to the market with a concept Chrysler 300C with Chinese designs.


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