This year in Beijing at Auto China, British carmaker Rolls Royce has unveiled the new Phantom Extended Wheelbase. The launch in Beijing follows last year’s global debut for Ghost Extended Wheelbase in Shanghai.

As expected, like the Phantom Series II that was unveiled in March at Geneva Motor Show, the Extended Wheelbase Phantom features significant improvements in design, drive-train and technology.

Exterior changes include redesigned bumpers and a new set of full LED headlights, while the interior added new 3D maps with landscape topography. Front, rear and top-view camera systems further augment ease of manoeuvring. When reverse parking, for example, rear path prediction automatically deploys on the screen.

While the engine has remain untouched on the Phantom models, Rolls-Royce did mate the V12 powerplant to a new eight-speed automatic transmission that sports a new rear differential. Fuel efficiency has been improved by 10-percent thanks to the new transmission.

At least five layers of paint and clear lacquer coating are applied to each Phantom, seven if the car is two-tone. Between each layer technicians sand the body by hand. Following application of a final coat, the body is meticulously hand polished for five hours to achieve the glassy lustre normally associated with a grand piano.

Depending on the specification, up to 43 wooden parts are used in every Phantom, each constructed from up to 28 layers of wood. In addition, each of the 450 leather parts that comprise an interior is cut by laser before being hand sewn by the artisans in the company’s own workshop.

At Rolls-Royce, first-quarter sales grew from 723 cars to 770.
Sales in China rose 37 per cent in the quarter to 80,000, against the US where sales rose 17 per cent to 76,000.


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