Auto confusion – what is a coupe today? image

The automotive industry in its never-ending quest for the next Holy Grail of sales has been perplexing everyone with a new trend: break the rules of automotive categorization.

Point in case. The German automakers have decided that China’s Auto Shanghai motor show is the right place to reveal two new and interesting concepts: the Mercedes-Benz Concept GLC Coupe and Volkswagen C Coupe GTE. They are both distinctive and preview models that will come with little to no modifications out of the production lines in a year or two. They also preview how the brand identity will evolve soon in terms of style. But they both have an issue – neither of them is actually a true coupe. Ever since the time Henry Ford was kicking off the mass-production of cars, the automotive industry agreed to have some order – four doors will yield a sedan, five doors a hatchback or a wagon and two doors is a coupe. Well, try to apply that last idea to either of the two – and we only selected them as the two most recent examples of the phenomenon.

Only a little over a century has passed since the motorized wagons have become a crucial asset to everyday life and we’re already seeing the automotive industry going crazy on us. While opinion still diverge, the architect was Mercedes-Benz back in the mid 2000s when they proclaimed “the world’s first four-door coupe” to be their new CLS model. But now the idea has gone up a notch to be incorporated into the design of SUVs – and anyone that has ever owned a coupe can tell you there’s no real utility in having such a vehicle.

Via Forbes