China’s auto association said that it is unfair to blame the auto industry for the toxic smog in Beijing, when the coal-fired power plants should bear responsibility.

“The auto industry has already borne too much undeserved responsibility in recent years with the purchase and usage restrictions, ” said Ye Shengji, deputy secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. “With the toxic smog, the auto industry is once again being blamed and scapegoated as the main culprit, which is unreasonable.”

These comments only increase the automakers concern that the government will impose more measures to reduce the growth of the vehicle population, which last year reached 240 million, more than the number reached in 1999.

On February 6th, the State Council issued a timetable for stricter fuel emissions regulations which should be adopted by the end of 2017 and also required oil refiners to produce cleaner fuel to match the stricter EU standards.

According to Beijing municipal government data, tailpipe emissions accounted for 22% of the PM2.5, which means that vehicular exhaust is not the one to take full blame for the toxic smog. Other major pollution sources would be the factory emissions, the coal-generated power plants, construction sites and surface dust.


  1. The report is about toxic smog that creates lots of problem to the environment and causing air pollution which can be more danger to the life of human beings as well as other animals.
    The toxic smog which happens in Beijing, the government now saying that the auto industry is totally responsible for it. But the China’s Auto Association says that it is totally unfair to us that we are responsible, while the Coal fired power plants are really responsible for it.


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