Auto industry’s latest ordeal: airbag recalls image

While GM’s ongoing crisis surrounding the recall for a defective ignition switch is also related to airbags, the safety equipment is actually highlighted in another slew of high visibility set of recalls.

Japan’s Takata Corp, which shouldn’t actually come to our attention if we’re not industry segment observers, besides being the world’s second largest safety parts maker for the auto industry, has also come to widespread attention because of its implication in a huge series of recalls.

Actually, the parts manufacturer thought just a year ago its struggle with defective airbag inflators that lasted almost a decade had finally ceased. It turned out it was very wrong. After a 2013 wide recall at Takata’s auto customers, led by Toyota and Honda, tallied 4 million units, the company thought the ordeal, which started in 2007 and claimed the lives of 2 persons would stop.

“We will aim to further strengthen our quality control system and work united as a company to prevent problems from happening again,” said recently Takata CEO Shigehisa Takada and Chief Operating Officer Stefan Stocker.

But now, the total of recalls related to the defective inflators made by Takata at its US and Mexico plants stands at more than 10 million, and automakers from BMW to Toyota that used the component could issue more announcements. That’s because the Japanese parts maker asked for automaker inter-cooperation on investigating the problem.

Via Reuters