Auto Production in Mexico Down 11.2% in March image

Auto production in Mexico dropped 11.2% in March, the first fall since April 2011, as the Easter holiday fell in March this year.

Auto production in March reached 238,519 vehicles, the lowest level since December, according to the Mexican Automobile Industry Association. Exports also fell 9.7% to 204,475 units, as shipments declined to Europe, the US, Latin America and the US. The main reason for this decrease is the fact that the Easter holiday fell in March, therefore people did not work on the 28th and the 29th. Domestic sales fell 1% to 82,767 vehicles.

“These figures are very sensitive to the number of working days and this always happens when we have Holy Week falling in different months,” Solis said, referring to the week before Easter. “We’ll have to compare the two-month period of March and April with the same two-month period from last year.”

Auto production and exports reached record levels in January, with auto output up 20% to 242,855 units. Exports also increased 14% to a record 178,562 units, with increased shipments to most key markets except Brazil and Argentina. Exports to the US were up 32%, while the Latin America dropped 56%. Domestic sales increased 12% to 84,267 units.