Auto Production in the UK Up 16% in August image

Auto production in the UK has increased 16.2% in August to 91,282 units, according to data released by the SMMT.

“UK car manufacturing is continuing to grow with global automotive brands building on UK-based design, R&D and engineering expertise to produce some of the world’s most dynamic, dependable and desirable vehicles,” said SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes.

August was the third consecutive month of gains, making year-to-date volumes go up 3.1% to 984,545 units. Production for the UK market increased 21.1% to 20,298 units and production for the outside markets jumped 14.8% to 70,984 vehicles. Year-to-date domestic production increased 25.7% to 211,947 vehicles and production for export dropped 1.8% to 772,598 vehicles.

“Despite August typically being one of the year’s quietest months due to summer breaks, the past 12 months has been the most productive since late 2008,” said Hawes.

In August 65,937 vehicles have been sold in the UK, an increase of 10.9% compared with the same month last year. Since the beginning of the year sales have increased 10.4% to 1,391,788 units. Analysts predict that auto sales will continue to increase as customers want to take advantage of new fuel-efficient models.