Auto Sales in France, Spain and Italy Continue to Drop in May image

Auto sales in Spain, Italy and France dropped in May, confirming expectations of a 20-year low drop in the auto market.

Sales in France dropped 10.3% in May, after a drop of 5.2% in April, with Renault falling 20%, GM 15% and Ford 16.6%. Although the recent launch of the Citroen C4 Picasso minivan and the Renault Captur subcompact crossover are expected to slightly improve sales, analysts still predict that sales in France will drop 8% this year. Light commercial vehicle sales dropped 11.2% in France, at a faster pace compared with car sales.

“The delivery van sales are a clear sign that economic activity is still very weak,” CCFA spokesman Francois Roudier said.

Auto sales in Italy dropped 7.9% in May, from a fall of 10.8% in April and a drop of 20% for the first five months of the year. Fiat said that sales in May were affected by the fact that it was not able to deliver 3,000 vehicles it had sold in May, due to an issue with a components supplier.

Spain saw its auto sales falling 2.6% in May, after an increase of 10.8% in April. Although the government’s subsidy scheme has improved sales to individuals, it did not offset the loss in fleet sales to companies. Renault fell 46% and VW 17.3%.

Source: Autonews