Analysts expect March sales to reach the highest level since August 2007 and hybrids hit the best month ever.

Automotive research site Kelley Blue Book predicts that this month auto sales will reach 1.45 million units, with Honda, GM and VW to be the biggest gainers. Due to new offerings of hybrids and an average reduction of $2,500 in hybrid vehicle prices, the segment is expected to have its best month in history. The hybrid record sales in currently 48,000 units, but this month automaker are expected to sell 60,000 hybrids when they will announce their reports next week.

“I think what’s making hybrids more relevant to more consumers is the pricing for them is becoming more reasonable and closer to non-hybrid versions,” said Jesse Toprak, vice president of market intelligence at industry research site “People are realizing this is a good financial proposition after all. Hybrids aren’t just for tree-huggers anymore.”

This month, the average price paid for a hybrid is $26,300, down from the average price of $28,800 paid in March 2012, said Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book. Ford offers two new high-volume options for its compact C-MaxHybrid ($25,200) and a new Fusion hybrid ($27,200), while Toyota has the Prius c hybrid ($19,080) and the Camry Hybrid which sell very good.


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