Auto sales in Spain up by 10.9% image

Data released by representatives of the automobile sector in Spain indicates a rise of 10.9% in the sales of new cars this July.

According to The Association of Car Manufacturers (ANFAC), the Federation of Associations of Dealers of the Automotive sector (FACONAUTO) and the Association of Car Dealers (GANVAM) the number of sales in July stands at 83.223 while last year the purchases totaled to 75.027 vehicles. This means 8196 new cars more than last year have been sold in Spain up till July. Cars bought by individuals rose by 14.3% to 50.324 vehicles, while companies bought 20.669 new cars in July, adding to the total of 10.9% overall increase in sales.

The associations stated that the data from July is the best since 2009 and talked about the important role of the Spanish government’s plan PIVE on recovery. The Plan gives potential buyers €2.000 to purchase a new and a more ecological car, which helped improving people’s confidence and also increased the demand.
Director of Communication from ANFAC, David Barrientos, said that the auto field has created 6.500 new jobs in the first six months of 2014 and that this will contribute to the increase of the disposable income in the society.

By Gabriela Florea