Auto Sales in Western Europe Down 6.1% in June image

Auto sales in Western Europe dropped 6.1% in June, according to LMC Automotive.

According to data from LMC Automotive the result in June was similar to the one in May. The SAAR for June was 11.7 million vehicles a year, the best result since the beginning of the year, but the full year forecast is still under the 2012 level with 3-4%.

Auto sales in Germany fell 4.7% and the year-to-date market down 8.1%. LMC said that over the past months Germany has been one of the most disappointing markets and that a 3-million units result for the year “looks increasingly difficult to attain”. One of the main reasons for German customers avoiding new vehicles purchases might be that they wait until after the September elections.

Even if France, Spain and Italy dropped last month, as expected, the situation was a little better compared with the previous months. The UK was once again the bright spot in Europe, thanks to private sales which continued to increase, surpassing a fifth in June. The private side of the market was also helped by strong incentives, low interest rates and windfalls from PPI claims.