Auto Sales: Skoda worldwide sales up 16.8 percent in the first nine months of 2011 image

Skoda, the Czech automaker on Tuesday said its global sales in the period January-September rose to 664,800 units (569,000 vehicles in 2010).

In the first nine months of 2011, ŠKODA increased its worldwide sales by 16.8 per cent compared to last year.

In its domestic market, the automaker sold 5,100 vehicles in September. More precisely, every third Czech customer chose a car from Skoda.

Sales in Russia rose by 63.1 per cent to 6,500 in September, resulting in the brand’s second best month ever. In India the company grew by 37.5 per cent to 2,200 units in September. China was also a good market for the Czech automaker: 21,100 vehicles (+ 9.8 per cent).

In Western Europe, ŠKODA sales grew by 2.6 per cent to 35,200 vehicles in September.

Skoda Sales by region / country:
Czech market: 5,100 vehicles
Croatia: + 85.9 per cent
Romania: + 9.6 per cent
Hungary: + 8.9 percent
Ukraine: + 7.1 percent
Great Britain: 7,200 vehicles (up 33.2 per cent)
Switzerland: + 27.9 per cent (1,700 sales)
Norway: + 27.7 per cent (700 vehicles)
Russia: + 63.1 per cent to 6,500
India: + 37.5 per cent to 2,200 units

Deliveries to customers in September 2011 (ŠKODA models compared to September 2010):

Octavia (35,300 vehicles/up 11.8 per cent), Fabia (24,300 vehicles/up 3.6 per cent), Superb (10,300 vehicles/up 2.9 per cent), Yeti (6,500 vehicles/up 20.4 per cent), Roomster (3,600 vehicles/up 7.5 per cent).

However, the automaker is preparing to cut production of gearbox and transmission systems from four to three shifts in preparation for a downturn in demand, unions at the German-owned company say.