Auto Survey Presents Automakers’ Challenges for 2013 image

The 2012 Dykema Automotive Institute Survey presents auto industry’s main concerns for 2013.

According to the 2012 Dykema Automotive Institute Survey, which was released on Wednesday, October 17th, automakers will have to confront with limited financial bank lending and raw material costs in the following year.

“Every major company has gone through tremendous upheaval and dealt with changes to every step of its supply chain,” said Aleks Miziolek, director of Dykema’s Automotive Industry Group. “There are many challenges still on the horizon for automotive executives that may impact the long term success of the industry’s future.”

From the total of 100 auto industry advisers and senior executives that took part in the survey, 40% of them said that raw materials increasing costs is the main concern of the auto industry, while 21% of them said that it is the financial bank lending that will affect the automakers in 2013. Besides these two challenges, the survey also includes labor issues, financially troubled suppliers and even the potential liabilities of self-driving vehicles and other new technologies.

Almost 44% of the survey participants said that they are investing in vehicle-to-vehicle technology, while 55% of them are investing in vehicle-to-infrastructure applications.