Auto technology trends – bikers and pedestrians become a priority image

In the endless conflict between autos and other traffic participants, either motorcycle, bike riders or simple pedestrian, the obvious loser is not the driver behind the wheel.

Still, even as today’s motorists are eagerly sharing the road with other traffic participants, the bikers for example will always have to constantly worrying about the possibility of being hit in certain circumstances, such as blind corners or narrow streets. But the days of biker or pedestrian worries could soon be over. That’s because the auto technology has taken them as its next priority and suppliers are increasingly developing systems that can mitigate the dangers. The devices, which rely on sophisticated technology and radars can assist the current car to car collision avoidance systems, in a drive to also save lives – not just money. There are even systems that prevent such dangers for mundane operations such as taking the car out of a parking spot – the Cross-Traffic Braking by supplier Continental will see a pedestrian or bike on approach and preven a possible mishap.

The next generation devices being rolled out today monitor the surroundings of the car both front and rear and through “probabilistic modeling” asses the dangers of having the hiker or biker crossing paths with the automobile in a dangerous scenario situation. In Europe for example, a concerted effort from a consortium of carmakers and suppliers has already started a project that seeks to asses cyclist-related automatic collision prevention systems. It conclusions, scheduled to be revealed in 2016 will most likely influence upcoming safety traffic regulations to come into effect throughout the European Union starting with 2018.