Autocar: Range Rover is the car of the Decade image

Autocar’s resident car experts nominated and championed 17 cars launched during the past ten years for readers to choose from. The Range Rover – launched in 2001 – received 18 per cent of more than 7500 votes.

Autocar associate editor Hilton Holloway championed the car, saying: “The Range Rover defined a new type of luxury. Technically sophisticated, beautifully detailed, modern and yet retrospective. It was an overwhelming presence, but in way that the majority could admire.”

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Top ten:
1 Range Rover
2 Lotus Elise Mk2
3= Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT-R
5 Vauxhall VX220
6 Toyota Prius Mk2
7 Tata Nano
8 Mini Cooper
9 Ford Focus
10 Jaguar XF
Our opinion is that Range Rover is indeed the best car of the decade. However, Bugatti is in somehow better, but that car cost 1.5 million Euros …

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