Autodynamica offers a tuning package for the 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 image

So, are you confused on which one to focus? Well, let us help you … At the front is the sexy model Shelle Nemechek who was called from Texas and the vehicle standing behind her is the beautiful Porsche GT3 which is modified by AutoDynamica.

The American tuner is offering a tuning package that merely possesses potential to end all the other packages, but manages to hold the style icon. The package includes an ECU remap for the engine which costs $1,400. The program was measured at the wheels on a four-wheel drive Mustang Dynamometer delivering 500 horsepower, whereas, the standard GT3 produces a whopping 435 horsepower.

Apart from the engine update, the tuner has also offered a new set of Brembo brakes that cost $4,990, a new set of wheels available in all sizes from 19-21 inches at a cost of $2345, and a new exhaust system available at $4,075.

Unfortunately, we cannot say whether the enthusiasts of Porsche are gonna like this tuning package or not, but we must say that the tuner has somehow failed to reach the heart of Porsche enthusiasts. However, one thing that can draw attention is the beautiful model Ms. Nemecheck giving a sexy pose in the picture. And we must comment that this is all makes a thing worth.




By Sunita Mandal