Autoliv developing automatic in-car breath sensor image

Autoliv is developing an alcohol breath sensor that will operate automatically when the driver gets in the car.

According to Jan Carlson, CEO of the Swedish auto parts manufacturer, the device is already undergoing testing and will be ready for mass production within five years. The breathalyzer will not require drivers to blow into a tube, such as current devices like Alcolock (pictured above).

“It should be seamless. You should not notice the car has an alcohol detection device in it,” Carlson was quoted as saying by the Automotive News Europe. If the price is competitive, Carlson believes car manufacturers will be very interested in the new breathalyzer, given that 30 percent of all fatalities are due to driving under the influence.

Recently Autoliv has been focusing more on active safety systems, after dominating the market o of passive devices such as seatbelts and airbags. Carlson said the company is spending significantly more money in active research rather than passive.

One of these systems is the Night Vision, which uses infrared cameras to detect pedestrians on the road during the night. This year, Autoliv will launch the third generation of this device, which will also be able to detect animals in the driver’s field of vision.

  • claudiahorne

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