Automakers are prepping a super-limo battle? image

Audi has revealed a teaser image for its upcoming A9 sedan, a model that would not replace the current A8 premium luxury sedan, but slot above it and complement the high-end lineup of cars.

The concept that previews the car is scheduled for an official public unveiling during the upcoming LA Auto Show – and we can all see the German automaker – the second largest in the world in the segment – is moving fast. One simple reason: they’re not the only ones mulling an expansion there.

Swiftly after Cadillac unveiled the plans to build its new flagship sedan – the CT6 – the US premium automaker has also confirmed a media report that was not the only model in the high-end category. The brand is now ready to attack the luxury “stratosphere” with a model that would be called CT8 or CT9.

Mercedes-Benz is also ready to make the S-Class model into a true lineup, after they already have the sedan and the accompanying coupe model. The German automaker is also bringing a super-premium model, the S600 Pullman that would compliment the line and replace the discontinued Maybach models.

After recent years have seen luxury manufacturers pushing down the envelope towards cheaper, more affordable compact models in search of new sales records, it was high time they honored the brand’s panache with ultra-luxury high-end offerings.