Chevrolet, Nissan and Toyota worked hard this year to reach increased sales of their electric vehicles.

GM’s Chevrolet Volt managed to maintain its position as the top-selling US rechargeable car, Nissan said it has a new plan to boost sales of its Leaf EV and Toyota increased sales of its plug-in Prius. Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles in September almost tripled reaching 31,400 units from 11,094 units last year.

The Volt sold 2,851 units in September, leading with 16,348 units for the year, followed by the Prius with 7,734 units and the Leaf with 5,212 units. The Volt is selling more than ever with the discount of $299 a month from the car’s base price of $39,145.

“I’m utterly surprised people are not lining up to get one at that price,” said Toprak, based in Santa Monica, California. “The annual fuel savings alone make this car very appealing.”

The demand for the rechargeable vehicles didn’t match President Barack Obama’s administration target of 1 million units by 2015, taking into consideration that automakers must sell the cars under the rules in California and some other US states. Sales of GM, Toyota and Nissan’s EVs are followed by those of Fisker Automotive, with 1,500 Karmas sold this year.


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