Automakers in “full speed” to replace nylon-12 resin image

In response to the potential shortage in PA 12 supply (also called Nylon-12), automakers led by Volkswagen Ag and General Motors drafted a plan to expedite their parts validation processes.

After comprehensive review & discussion, CHRYSLER, FORD, GM, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, HONDA, HYUNDAI-KIA, PACCAR, VOLKSWAGEN were among the automakers that developed and support the plan to speed the use of alternate materials as the industry runs short of PA-12.

The trade group is scheduled to hold a meeting to finalize the plan on April 30.

Nylon 12 supplies have neared critical lows after a March 31 explosion at an Evonik Industries AG chemical plant in Marl, Germany. Called CDT, it’s a key ingredient used in the manufacturing of PA-12, or Nylon-12, which is used to make a specialized plastic for fuel and brake lines. PA-12 is favored because it can withstand heat and can stand up to corrosive gasoline additives.

The plant produced about half the world’s supply of nylon-12.

Global plastics and chemicals giant DuPont is offering its Zytel-brand nylon 6/6 and high-temperature nylon — as well as Hytrel-brand thermoplastic elastomer — as potential replacements for nylon 12, a spokesperson with the firm said. DuPont’s specialty nylon 6/10, 6/12 and 10/10 grades also might provide options.