Automakers in France use home venue to showcase progress in CO2 race image

The Paris Motor Show opening later this week has been selected as the perfect venue for the local French automakers to showcase their latest advancements in cars that have very low emissions.

The European Union has already set very tough goals for all automakers operating on the continent to emit just 130 grams of CO2 per km in 2015 and then further reduce the total to just 95 g/km in 2021. France as well set a goal for its home producers: introduce on the market cars that can make do with a fuel economy of 2 liters/100 km.

“PSA and Renault do well on the fuel-efficiency front in Europe, ” comments IHS Automotive analyst Ian Fletcher. “They both have vehicle ranges that are pretty heavily focused on the smaller vehicle categories, they have strong backgrounds in diesel technology and both have also embraced engine downsizing.”

PSA’s peers, Citroen and Peugeot will have in this year’s Paris Motor Show similar concepts that use very light materials and a compressed-air hybrid drivetrain to attain those figures (2L/100 km means around 117 mpg). Meanwhile, Renault has unveiled the Eolab concept that uses both lightweight composites and a plug-in hybrid powertrain to go as low as 1 liter/100 km (235 mpg).

Via Automotive News Europe