Automakers reaching out to the next sales outlet – the Internet image

With shoppers usually needing only five minutes to buy something – like a book – on Amazon, the advantages of online sales are readily apparent. That’s what carmakers thought, with several allowing you to buy their cars over the Internet.

For example, back in November 2014 the South Korean giant Hyundai negotiated a deal with auto retailing entrepreneur Simon Dixon to partner on a new venture called Hyundai Rockar – selling the brand’s cars over the Internet in Great Britain. Besides the speed advantage, there’s also a massive benefit – the program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “It’s a totally new approach to selling cars. I would say it is maybe the first pure digital dealer,” commented Hyundai Europe Vice President of Marketing Jochen Sengpiehl. For the customers that know what they want, it’s a treat – they skip price haggling, the long visits to the local dealership and don’t even have to go out for their car – the model desired would be delivered at their doorstep.

Aside from Hyundai’s trial, other carmakers are following a similar, Internet “trail”, but have been reluctant to completely take out the dealership from the equation – Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and other rivals are seeking upgrades and expansions of their online sales tools that would allow the future client to make have most of the car buying process done over the Internet. That’s also a move seen by today’s society, with industry experts and analysts pointing out the main reason to go inside the dealership – see the car and take it for a ride – is becoming less a priority for car buyers.

Via Automotive News Europe