Automakers seek delay in EU efforts on emission testing image

The European carmakers have increased their pressure on EU officials in a bid to push back a new emission testing regulation.

The new proposition would impose a severe new emission testing routine – which aims to make sure automakers can’t circumvent the regulations system in order to achieve higher efficiency ratings.

Research showed to the EU Parliament discusses how automakers “exploited weaknesses in the current procedure, leading to official consumption and emission figures which are far from those achieved in everyday driving conditions.”

On the other hand, documents seen by Financial Times reveal that the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), the industry’s lobby group, aims to push back a more stringent regulation on the matter from the proposed 2017 date to at least 2021.

“Looking at the scale of the task required, ACEA believes 2017 is incredibly ambitious,” said Erik Jonnaert, the lobby group’s secretary-general. “The automobile industry continues to participate in an active and positive manner to the development, finalisation and implementation of the new test procedure, as it always does.”

The EU wants to replace the archaic testing scheme, put in place in the 1970s, with a new regime that would eliminate any opening in the test system – stopping any automakers trying to gain advantages.

Via Financial Times