Automakers use Silicon Valley as research cradle image

Technology companies have an increasing role in the automotive industry’s future, but the same can be said about automakers – which use Silicon Valley as the incumbent of crucial research.

The future is now – at least as carmakers are concerned. Faced with changing consumer habits and the growth in importance of technology across the every-day life, the auto industry players want to have their upcoming cars able to predict any need you might have. The vision is that your next vehicle would need to be abel to predict things from the location you’re going to reach to what music you would listen during the ride to th eability of the car to drive itself to the destination. The ground zero of the research is increasingly becoming the cradle of US technology – Silicon Valley – here automakers from GM to Mercedes-Benz are increasing their presence in search of the fabled inspiration. Here they want to find out how to better design our cars that will be linked to the Internet of Things, be abel to intereact with the humans on board and function autonomously.

The automakers have also brought the research game on the playing field of Google or Apple, as the technology giants are increasingly touting with automotive business opportunities, from introducing their auto versions of the well known Android and iOS software to developing autonomous vehicles. For years, cars have remained rather low-tech – but the change is coming fast, as the vehcile undergo their own digital revolution that is aimed at making them consumer friendly and safer than ever.