Automakers wait news about 1,400 cars stranded on beached ship image

Jaguar Land Rover announced that it was eagerly awaiting news about a shipment of 1,200 cars that were transported by a 51,000-tonne car carrier ship, which has recently run aground in the English Channel.

The full compliment of vehicles, of 1,400 units, includes the Jaguar and Land Rover automobiles, together with 65 Minis and one Rolls Royce Wraith among others. The cars might be damaged after the cargo ship has run aground off the south coast of England, according to media reports. Hoegh Osaka, which has been stuck on a sandbank in the vicinity off the south coast of England since Saturday, is now surrounded by salvage experts that are working 24/7 in the attempt to right the ship, named Hoegh Osaka. According to a spokesperson for the British automaker, most of the cars involved in the mishap are Range Rovers and other Jaguar Land Rover models and they are covered by insurance so the carmaker – now under the control of India’s Tata Motors Ltd. is covered even if the salvage attempts fail and the shipment is unrecoverable. “We’re still evaluating what has happened,” the person commented. “Our main objective is to get sold orders to customers.”

Even though the company has not give any specific details on the exact models aboard the ship or the total value of the 1,200-unit shipment, Reuters has made calculations that put the cargo value at close to 100 million pounds ($151.80 million). According to the ship’s owner, Hoegh Autoliners, the cargo ship was purposely beached by the crew after the vessel listed dangerously to a near-45 degree angle soon after its departure from the initial port of Southampton, heading for Germany.

Via Reuters, Photo: Getty Images