Automakers want to make cars safer by minimizing driver implication image

While millions of cars are under recalls for a variety of reasons – from quality defects to serious safety threats – carmakers still want to further add technology to the vehicles of the future.

The bid is to make them even safer than today and minimize the need for passive safety systems, such as the airbags. To do that, they want to put inside sensors, radar, cameras and lasers that would prevent the collisions from ever happening. The main reason – driver error is to blame in over 90% of road accidents, so engineers, designers and managers at the carmakers think drivers could do better if they do… less.

According to the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, forward-collision warning systems can reduce the rate of accidents by 7% – definitely not a game changer, but maybe the difference between life and death. Lawmakers, executives at the automakers and safety lobbyists consider autonomous driving to be the natural step in automobile evolution – aiming for a strategy that would see accident-free driving across the globe.

For now, the technology installed in current cars can allow you to take your foot of the pedals and let the car accelerate and decelerate to a set speed while minding the traffic ahead, it can alert if you’re crossing lanes or even brake in the city if it senses an approaching collision.

Via Reuters