Automotive HUD sector to reach $8.3 billion status by 2020 image

The head-up display, a very high-tech achievement that was first developed for jet fighters, has long since breached the automotive boundaries and may rise in the connected car era to a very lucrative market.

While the many market research companies tend to vary their estimates when it comes to the HUD automotive sector over the next few years, the general consensus is that the market is set to grow at least 25% each year through 2020. While the existence of the HUDs has been somehow limited in automobiles until now – usually reserved to luxury or sports cars – a combination of factors is set to change that. Head-up displays are expected to become a common trait on future cars thanks to increased consumer awareness, massive economies of scale that have brought the system’s price down and most of all because of the emphasis on driver safety.

According to market research firm IHS Automotive, Japan was the driving force behind the HUD market back in 2010, but the situation is expected to swing in favor of the EU-based companies before 2020. “HUDs are perfectly suited to allow driver access critical material while keeping their eyes on the road,” says Ben Scott, technology solutions analyst for IHS Automotive. Research company MarketsandMarkets also forecasts the sector could grow to $8.3 billion in 2020 as more and more companies and startups focus on the development of new and enhanced systems.

Via Forbes