Autonomous cars could have “black boxes” image

The German automakers are weighing in the idea of fitting to their self-driving cars of the future aircraft style “black boxes” – essentially a recording device that gathers all available data for the unlikely event of an accident.

The German customers are increasingly worried about outside or inside surveillance, but the plan to install devices that would keep track of what self-driving cars do could actually be key to the implementation of the technology. Besides that, the plan makes for a restrictive flow of data, which could also aid the carmakers fend off technology companies – such as Google – from entering the segment.

Among the Germans, Mercedes-Benz and BMW could be called out as top examples of automakers experimenting with what is regarded by many as the future of the automotive industry, but so far – besides the money needed to drive further the implementation, research and development – the biggest determent is the need to change the legislation – or in the case of Europe, legislations, to adapt to the new way of driving.

According to a source talking to Reuters, Germany’s “roundtable on autonomous driving,” a group that also includes government officials, will discuss the idea of a data recorder on autonomous cars. This way, with the black box on board, in case of a mishap, the carmaker and insurers could have clarity on who is liable when an accident involving a self-driving car happens.

Via Automotive News Europe