Automakers Kia and Hyundai as well as tech companies such as Samsung are among the firms looking forward to putting their autonomous development vehicles through the paces at the new facility, which is as large as about 50 football fields.

The mock prototype city is being set up by the South Korean authorities in a bid to facilitate the advancement of autonomous vehicles – a 3.9 million square foot city, which is now pitted as the largest in the world, trumping Michigan’s MCity. The facility will come to compliment the self-driving car tests already taking place on public roads once it opens this October. According to local news outlet BusinessKorea, the new facility will provide a controlled environment for repeated similar tests, in a bid to cover all possible scenarios – including dangerous ones – as autonomous cars will become available on the market.

Kia and Hyundai are already among the backers of the project, alongside Samsung, according to reports, and other Korean electronics companies will use the area for testing of their autonomous systems and technologies – and unusual for such a facility, nobody needs any permit to perform trials in the area. Called K-City, the mock city will have motorways around it, as well as bus-only lanes, dense urban areas and areas dedicated to autonomous parking systems.



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