Autonomous Vehicles Are Spreading, So Are Liability Laws image

As Google’s self-driving vehicles have begun to expand, so are the liability laws in the US states.

Nevada and California already have laws that require these type of vehicles to have a licensed driver behind the wheel in order to solve the liability problem. Other automaker have begun playing with the idea of autonomous driving and driver-less research coming up with the popular parking assist feature.

Now when it comes to the laws related to autonomous vehicles, they vary from full restriction to low speeds to the necessity of having a licensed driver ready to take over whenever necessary. On California roads, Google’s fleet of autonomous vehicles has already covered more than 300,000 safe-driving miles. Legislator Jeff Dial has tried to introduce in Arizona a bill to bring the road laws into the 21st century.

“After I introduced the bill, then suddenly all the insurance companies started approaching me with the questions of the liability,” Dial said.

Nevada already accepted the modified Toyota Prius on its roads, with a special license plate allowing the auto-pilot use on its highways and streets, requiring someone with a license in the driver’s seat and also in the passenger seat.