Autonomous Vehicles to Hit the Market in 2025 image

Experts predict that self-driving cars will not hit the market sooner than 2025.

Present at the Society of Automotive Engineers 2013 World Congress, experts said that even if self-driving vehicles are not to be seen on the US roads until 2025, the semi-autonomous vehicles are only a few years away. A semi-autonomous vehicle is fitted with technologies such as traffic jam assist and pedestrian recognition and automakers are already testing and including them in their vehicles.

Nissan is currently testing a fully autonomous prototype Leaf EV and it presented at the congress the video of a technology which automatically turns the steering wheel to avoid an accident. The technology first alerts the driver with audio and visual cues and then turns the wheel if there is enough space in a nearby lane and applies the brakes.

“If one accident happens as a result of automation,”said Christian Schumacher, head of Continental Automotive’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for the NAFTA region, “then we’re having a totally new discussion. Driver distraction and safety technology are really separate ships passing in the night.”

Although the US states already have new laws to reduce distracting driving, the autonomous vehicle regulations are still in the development stage. In October the NHTSA said that it is preparing new laws to set performance standards for autonomous vehicles.