The aftermarket specialists at DMC have developed yet another upgrade program for the Lamborghini Aventador which was inspired by the Aventador J Speedster.

The Lamborghini Aventador J Speedster, which was officially presented to the public earlier this year during the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, has been used by DMC in order to develop a new upgrade package for the regular Aventador so if you own the standard version of the supercar you can now order the tuning program.

“Applications will be carefully scrutinized by DMC, and only approved if the car, the location, the owner and the color match DMC’s “10 of 10” criteria. Each of the kits will only be available in one shade or body finish, no two DMC SV will be the same”, as DMC is saying.

Besides the new looks of the Lamborghini Aventador in question, or the fresh set of black alloy wheels, the Italian supercar is also getting a power boost from the tuning company, thanks to the LP900 kit which allows the V12 engine to produce a total output of 900 PS (888 HP) from the standard 700 PS (691 HP). A selection of upgrades is also available for the interior. You can check out the Lamborghini Aventador J Speedster LIVE at 2012 Geneva Motor Show here.


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