Well, before you get confused, let us reveal the secret lying behind the curtain – a monstrous Lambo Aventador. However, this is not real.

The newly made car is not the official Aventador Super Veloce. It’s the work of TopGear or in clear words the ace render-meister Dougie Wood of TopGear.

As per the sources we have found that the long-awaited replacement of Murcielago is quite smoother to fit into the big V12 Lambo. Where the standard Aventador delivered 690bhp, hopes as of present have increased for the future model that it would live up to the expectations. Though Lamborghini has a planetary history of making Super Veloce’ special editions that fit well with the V12 supercars. It was the 1995’s Diablo SV that was received a rear spoiler repeatedly, but since 2009 the Murcielago SV has got something different to flaunt.

If we predict something than two things can be said, the Aventador SV will take few or more years to tear the streets and would be expensive.

The ditst Murcielago which was released in 2001 was received 571bhp and was available at £175,000, whereas, the run-out SV received 670bhp at £270,000. So as per this calculation, speculation says that the Aventador SV can easily produce a whopping 789bhp at £400,000. Though it is just a mere speculation and a groundless rumor, but we can at least wait until the car comes ahead to declare its presence.


Written by Sunita Mandal


  1. the new lambo is sick as! i want one. do you reckon they will do me a straight swap for a lancer? you know lancer/lambo almost the same..? lol. anyway about the article if they are gonna make a faster version of the aventador make it fast none of this +30 more kw yes its more but its not crazy more. i want like +100kw or plus +200bhp. then there would be a reason to spend the extra 200,000 on the faster one. not just to have a big spoiler and a sticker saying 'better' on it.


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