Average Mpg in June Flat Despite Increased Truck Sales in the US image

According to a recent study, the average fuel economy rating for the new vehicles sold in June reached 24.7 miles per gallon, almost similar to the rest of the months this year.

The study was made by Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and the calculation is aimed at reflecting sales of different models and the average fuel economy rating in the US. The average has increased during the first six months of this year from a low of 24.6 mpg average EPA rating city/highway to a high of 24.8 mpg.

For the 2013-model vehicles, sold beginning with October 2012, the average is 24.6 mpg. Since October 2007 when the institute started calculating, the lowest monthly average has been reached in October and December 2007 and was 20.1 mpg. The average in June fell 0.1 mpg compared with May, although sales of pick-ups were strong. Pick-ups in the US range in government ratings for 13 mpg city/highway for the Ford F-150 Raptor to 21 mpg for GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado hybrid pickups.

“This slight reduction (in mpg) likely reflects the recent drop in the price of gasoline,” said Sivak, director of UMTRI’s Sustainable Worldwide Transportation unit.

Here is the government’s list of highest-mileage, non-plug-in cars, by category, according to the rating for combined city/highway driving:

• Two-seater: Honda CR-Z hybrid, 37 mpg.
• Mini-compact: Scion iQ, 37 mpg.
• Subcompact, Chevrolet Spark, 34 mpg.
• Compact, Toyota Prius c hybrid, 50 mpg.
• Midsize, Toyota Prius hatchback hybrid, 50 mpg.
• Large, Ford C-Max hybrid, 47 mpg.
• Small station wagon, Audi A3 diesel and Volkswgen Jetta Sportwagon diesel, 34 mpg.
• Midsize station wagon, Toyota Prius v hybrid, 42 mpg.

Source: usatoday.com