AWE Tuning treats the McLaren 570S to bespoke exhaust system image

We all know McLaren for being the crazy guys that outed back in the 1990s one of the greatest supercars of all time, returned for years to their competitions and now started developing an entire roster of sports, supercars and even hypercars.

The main issue for the aftermarket world is the McLaren models are rarely used as the go to models for tuning programs. It’s a rather scarce market if you’re looking to spice up your 12C or even 650S. Of course you could go for the MSO treatment. But when it comes to the rather new 570S the tuning air is even more rarefied. Thankfully US specialist AWE Tuning has decided the Sports Series model needs at least a custom exhaust system. Now the Woking machine has its own bespoke voice, which may be sampled in the video attached below.

The tuner decided to eschew voiding the warranty of the car and didn’t resort to any ECU remap, with the system gains coming exclusively from the new exhaust system – a total of 17 hp and 15 lb-ft of torque will be added when the job is done. The tuner used performance catalysts and stainless steel to deliver “a refined exotic tone.” More so, the new piece also shaves off 15 lbs off and the new exhaust comes with lifetime coverage (save for the catalytic converter which only has one year).