The classic Acura NSX owned by Formula One legend Ayrton Senna is currently looking for a new owner online and the model is believed to be sold for a 5-digit figure.

Acura may be working on a new generation of the NSX and the concept car may have already been unveiled but the classic version will always remain the best in the eyes of its fans. But when the classic Acura NSX has been owned by the greatest Formula One driver ever, who was tragically killed on the race track, behind the wheel of a Formula One car, than this truly becomes a hunted ride.

The model in question is finished in black and it has only travelled for 31,000 miles. Ayrton Senna has been given three units of the NSX for personal use and the black one stayed at his home in Brazil, the red one in Portugal and this third one, pictured above, was held at a palace near the Estoril racing circuit. There has been a single bid for the Acura NSX in question and it’s set at around 74,000 USD, so if you’re looking to own a car previously owned by a legend, than this is your chance.

Source: eBay


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