BAA Decides to Sell Stansted Airport in the UK image

Monday, August 20th, British airport operator BAA announced it will continue its plans to sell London’s Stansted airport.

In July BAA’s challenge to the Competition Commission was rejected by Britain’s Court of Appeal, and it was expected the company would take the case to Britain’s Supreme Court. Stansted handled 18 million passengers in 2011 and its sale is part of Britain’s competition regulator plan to ease BAA’s grip on the airports market in the UK.

“Having carefully considered the Court of Appeal’s recent ruling, BAA has decided not to appeal to the Supreme Court and is now proceeding with the sale of Stansted airport,” BAA said in a statement.

Stansted has one runway and is basically a low-cost holiday and leisure airport, located at 50 kilometres northeast of central London. BAA has already sold Gatwick, London’s second busiest airport and Edinburgh airport, and now it is about to sell Stansted, which is the fourth busiest airport in the UK, in order to comply with the commission’s worries about the company’s dominance in the UK.

After it sells Stansted, BAA will be left with Heathrow, busiest airport in the world, Scotland’s Aberdeen and Glasgow airports, and Southampton in the south of England.